Hope Heals

Everyday we see hope & love conquer in all circumstances
We believe every person has a right to freedom, and we are passionate about spreading the message of hope that can help bring about an end to slavery and help survivors shine again.

Ways To Get Involved

Be a part of restoring hope. Here are 6 ways to get involved.
Prayer for hope
Father, we thank you for your incredible love, care and compassion for us all. Thank you for sending your one and only precious son, Jesus Christ, to seek and save the lost. Thank you that He came to set us free and to give us life and life in abundance! That is Your Heart and Your Plan for all of us, Lord, but there are so many, whose freedom have been taken away from them. Lord, we cry to You on their behalf and we stand in the gap in praying for them. We want to team up with You Lord. We want to see all those in bondage, set free, healed and restored - physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually - able to live the abundant life that You offer us and be filled with hope. We pray in the mighty name of Jesus, help us Lord, for Your Kingdom's sake, Amen.